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The Guiding Hand Foundation: About Us

The Guiding Hand Foundation (GHF) is a locally born, grassroots nonprofit organization, founded on the commitment that all funds raised stay within our local community. Established in 2013 and officially Founded in 2015, GHF exists to provide relief to patients and families currently in active cancer treatment. GHF establishes and funds programs that operate within our community. The programs created and supported by GHF, and with hundreds of volunteers and donated hours, help provide the much needed bridge of relief with the every day essential needs.

The Start

The story of the Guiding Hand Foundation began several years ago with a spectacular young woman, whose courageous battle with breast, liver & kidney cancer inspired those around her to live their lives to the fullest. “My 26 year old cousin Nikki, ultimately lost her battle January 2015, 10 days after The Guiding Hand Foundation was recognized as a nonprofit organization” states Chis Jacob, Founder. Nikki left behind family and friends who grieve the loss of her smile, passion, and strength. Yet, we cling to her faith, every other person who has fought, currently fighting or will have to fight in the future, that one day a cure will be discovered.


So that is where we start, a struggling young single mother. But the impact and those who have been near and dear to all of us is immeasurable for what cancer has done. Each of those beings, those family members, those friends, those coworkers had a personal impact into the countless hours, months, years even, talks, preparing, sweat and tears that have been dispensed into this.


Instead of allowing her death to be an excuse for a lack of action, we use it as a motivation. We realize we are not the only family that has struggled with this disease and all of the eroding effects it has on its victims. We hope that through the efforts of The Guiding Hand Foundation that we can ease the pain that others endure. Our ultimate goal is to do our small part in finding a cure so that no one ever needs to go through what we, what so many others have, and sadly what so many others will go through.


The Guiding Hand Foundation is devoted to supporting the essential daily needs of individuals and families with cancer.


The Guiding Hand Foundation is a self-sufficient organization reaching out to patients and families, partnering with other organizations, continuously improving our effectiveness, providing comfort and serenity during cancer illness for patients and families.

Core Values

Change: drive change to improve public health and wellness

Service: to serve the underserved

Empowerment: use information as an instrument to empower people with knowledge, promote awareness, and foster a socially-conscious environment

Partnership: build partnerships to establish effective, sustainable solutions

Advocacy: encourage compassionate advocacy, always emphasizing the dignity of the individual and family

Accountability: deliver superior services and continuously improve the quality of our initiatives and programs, be socially accountable for the recommendations provided.