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Our main mission is to provide families and individuals that are effected by cancer, financial and educational assistance through a one time grant. Covering areas such as mortgage, rent, utilities and more, funds are paid directly to the vendor. Taking off a bit of the financial stress, so that the patient and their families can focus on winning the fight against cancer. Click below for more information.

ATTENTION: As of 12/1/2018, we are currently not taking any applications.

no income guidelineS

Many of the people we serve would be considered working class, middle-income. Because of this reality, The Guiding Hand Foundation is often the only source of financial support for those in crisis given that most of them are declined assistance from other organizations because of their income.

Health Care Professionals, individuals and families have come to depend on The Guiding Hand Foundation to be simple and easy to access. They also know that our focus is not the type of active cancer but in being an aid while they focus on their health.

The new application process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. There are not complicated questions related to income, debt or other financial matters – only the basics and a release authorizing GHF access to important information to verify health with your provider and if approved for payment to submit payment for processing.

Because many of the families and individuals we serve know that cancer is a forever struggle, we allow for individuals and families to reapply within 12 months of receiving a grant.

The person who is nominated must be a diagnosed cancer patient and in active treatment at the time of appling.



Frequency of Eligibility

no distinction Between typeS of Cancer