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The Guiding Hand Foundation: Be Involved | Volunteer

​Event Volunteer- We would like to thank the many people who join our team at various times of the year to volunteer at our annual and 3rd party events. Being a GHF event volunteer is a great way to get involved with your community, meet new people and give back to a great cause. Help GHF by volunteering throughout the year at various events that suit you best. Click here for the application.

​Executive Board of Directors- The GHF Board of Directors is the governing authority of the organization and is responsible for directing, influencing and monitoring the organization's business. The role of the GHF's Board of Directors is to oversee the legal and ethical provision of activities within the organization such as revenue generation including fundraising and the delivery of service. The Board of Directors meets approximately 8-11 times a year.Click here for the application.


​Action Committee- The GHF Action Committee (A/C) is the heart of GHF. This committee meets approximately every six weeks throughout the year to discuss and plan upcoming events for GHF. As a volunteer they come out to as many events as they can to help organize and execute the event. Click here for the application.


​Finance Advisory Committee- The Finance Committee is in charge of with helping the staff create an annual operating budget, and help ensure a balanced budget. The committee suggests ways to reduce costs and increase and diversify revenue streams whenever and wherever possible. Click here for the application.


​Fundraising Advisory Committee- The Fundraising Advisory Committee is a small committee of volunteers who meet for the purpose of advising the Board of Directors and Office Staff on fundraising matters and providing feedback for new initiatives.


Marketing Committee- The Marketing Committee's role is to plan and implement an annual marketing strategy that ensures GHF's goal of promoting the organization's activities and accomplishments are achieved.


Program Development Committee- The Program Development Committee is responsible for ensuring the delivery of quality programs and services through development and monitoring on a regular basis.


Volunteer Advisory Committee- The Volunteer Advisory Committee provides advice to staff regarding the volunteer program including all aspects of volunteer management (recruiting, managing, training and recognition).

Be the Eye of the Tiger...

It is the desire and the intention of The Guiding Hand Foundation to conduct its affairs in conformity and harmony with the strategic plans, policies, procedures and bylaws of The Guiding Hand Foundation.


To inquire about volunteering for The Guiding Hand Foundation, please contact us by email at hope@guidinghandsd.org, call the office at (605) 937.8774, or CLICK HERE to download, complete and send in a Volunteer Application.